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James's lockdown models

James has an primary interest in railways, but also anything military from the 2nd world war period, and is populating his layout with planes, boats and tanks.

A US PT torpedo motor boat as used in the D-Day landings. A Merit 1/48 scale model which will sit in the dockside on the layout.

A B29 bomber as used mainly in the Pacific war. This is a 1/48 scale model which has a 3 foot wingspan, and full internal detail which you can't see once the fuselage is glued together!

Just lettered but not yet weathered, a Coopercraft loco coal wagon and a scratch built china clay wagon built on a spare Coopercraft underframe. The china clay wagon is still missing it's brake lever guide but that'll get added once my 3d printer arrives.

Just made this loco number on the laser cutter. A nice man on the internet carefully drew all 10 digits in gwr style and put them online. Dry brushed in gold. Looks ok I think.

Current project is a pair of SR bogie hopper wagons. One is the ex shedmaster kit in the foreground. Goes together well but lacks the shute mechanism. The instructions actually tell you to scratch build it! The background one is the NMRS kit. The body is too short and the etch poor but at least does have the shute. Both bogie castings aren't great so I'm 3D printing my own - Thanks to Dave

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