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Pete's lockdown model of an SECR D class

After suffering a serious illness in 2020, Pete was not going to be able to complete the D class kit which he'd begun. So four of his mates at the club decided to finish it off for him. We decided to divide up the work between us, one completing the tender, one building the loco body, one the chassis while the fourth was lined up ready to paint.

The D class loco was built from a David Andrews kit. Pete had started the tender, but on inspection some parts were loose and were removed, cleaned up and resoldered. It still needed all rear steps, handrails and other details added. The loco had not been started, so one of us built the chassis, while another built the body. Once all the construction was completed, the loco was painted, lined and weathered. I think you'll agree it looks very good.

The crew is from ModelU and really sets off the model.

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