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Tim's lockdown models

ex GW unfitted Mink Diagram V34: exLMS 3 plank open with sheeted load; ex LNWR 4 plank open in very scruffy condition with mixed load of timber and a couple of crates.

Ex GW Crocodile H in 4mm scale built from a Connoisseur Kit. Now in BR livery as a Weltrol WH. The anchor is from a ship modelling company and copies a picture in GW freight and Loads book by OPC. On my layout, it is presumed to have been cast in Birmingham and is on it's way to one of the London docks.

A Slaters kit lettered differently on each side to give variety

A D246 Outer Suburban short Brake Third. These were part of a six coach rake running out of Marylebone. This kit is built from etches specially commissioned for my project with most of the detailing parts available from MJT.

5082 Swordfish. Constructed from a Mitchell kit with Mashima and High level drive train. Plates from 247 models and headboard is from Fox. See next picture for her in service on the up Intercity.

It's 6.46pm and 5082 Swordfish coasts into High Wycombe right time with the Up Intercity (4.35pm ex Wolverhampton). After a brief pause to set down passengers only, driver Bert Edmonds of Old Oak Common, will lift the regulator and the sharp staccato beat of the Castle will echo across the valley as she crosses over to the Up Main and accelerates away towards Beaconsfield.


A Lima ex GW parcels railcar. Re-motored and repainted and converted to DCC. A small DCC servo at the non motor end can rotate the driver out of view when travelling in reverse. The 'Guard' at the other end then becomes the driver!

Working banner repeater signals at the west end of High Wycombe for the down Main. Both they and the platform starters are operated by microservos driven by a Megapoints controller board. The signals are scratch built with some parts from MSE and ModelU. Ladders by Masokits.

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