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The Scale 7 Group

What is ScaleSeven?

S7 railway modellers work to a scale of 1:43.5, 7mm to 1ft, using a true-to-scale standard gauge of 33mm, and a wheel profile which matches closely the real thing. ScaleSeven modellers achieve smooth running on more realistic permanent way.

Working to S7 standards is no more difficult than working to any other finescale gauge or standard. If you care about the appearance and running qualities of your models, currently model to a smaller scale and are considering moving up to 7mm scale modelling, then take a look at what working to S7 standards can do for you.

The S7 Group was formed in 1989 with the intention of making life easier for 7mm scale modellers wishing to use track and wheel standards derived from the prototype. What does membership of the S7 Group offer?

  • The S7 Stores sells gauges, filing and assembly jigs, Exactoscale chairs and fishplates, bullhead rail, specially produced Slater's wheels and much more!
  • A quarterly Newsletter
  • Some members have joined together to form Area Groups to support each other in their layout, locomotive and rolling stock projects. You are welcome to read the reports from our Area Groups.
  • Website Members Area with additional articles

If you are new to 7mm railway modelling, or perhaps are just looking for more information before taking the plunge in the ‘senior scale’, please visit the About ScaleSeven section for more information about S7 Standards and the Group as a whole. You may also like to visit our Showcase for inspiration. If you want to see what S7 is like “in the flesh”, our Area Groups always welcome new faces, or visit the S7 Diary page to see where S7 layouts are being exhibited to the public.

Download a membership application form.

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