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Modelling Techniques and Demonstrations

Members of R&DMRC have produced a range of videos, slide shows and articles demonstrating some techniques and step by step guides that will hopefully be useful in your modelling challenges. Click on the blue text to go to a page with further details or open a pdf document.

Designing It Yourself : A brief introduction of techniques using computer technology in our hobby. It's not as complicated as you may think, there is lots of help out there and, hopefully, a lot of help here as well. Specifically this video touches on 3D printing, laser cutting and PCB design. The latter, whilst not new is certainly more accessible to many more modellers due to the modern computer tools and access to low cost PCB suppliers. Please see other demos and articles below that provide more detailed information on these technologies and many other subjects.


Laser cut wagon with 3D printed details by James Aitken

3D printing. A step by step example of how to approach designing, prototyping and printing a project on a 3D printer showing the wide range of possibilities available.

Laser Cutting. A step by step video guide to designing and producing a laser cut object, a video slideshow on replicate a real prototype and a whole range of articles on what you can achieve with a laser cutter with some hints on tips on how to use it.

PCB Design for Railway Modellers. Home made PCBs has long been considered a complex and messy business, using unpleasant chemicals. This video covers the basics of modern PCB design using the freely available “Fritzing” software, from schematic design to board layout to to using commercial PCB manufacturers very cost effectively.

Building Your Layout. An excellent video on ballasting and laying track at the same time, supported by an analysis of ballasts types and sizes together with articles on baseboard construction and an unusual source of the associated legs. Also a look at the very important branch of the hobby, Research. Essential to get a realistic result in whatever you do.

DCC and Electronics. An introduction to DCC compliments a step by step guide to programming a DCC chip with the freely available DecoderPro, covering from the basic to the advanced, including sound. Also advice on how to control the rest of your layout, a guide to point motors, how to avoid short circuits at points and alternative motors for kit building projects.

Maintaining your locos. A short video on maintaining your locos.

Resin Casting. A step by step guide to Resin Casting model scenic parts.

Making Buildings & Signals. A selection of guides led by an excellent video slideshow showing how to construct a working footbridge in N scale and a working three arm shunt signal for the club's P4 layout of Aylesbury. In addition there are articles on painting mortar for effective brickwork, building a cattle dock from laser cut parts and adding detail to a workshop.

Trees and Animals. Definitely for those interested in scenery, a variety of guides and hints on how to make trees and some interesting manipulation and painting of animals to achieve realistic results.

Rolling Stock. Articles covering a major conversion to achieve a Class 307, upgrading a secondhand Macaw B, putting flares on the top of tenders and a novel approach to having the driver at the wrong end of a railcar. Also an excuse to eat your favourite caramel bar (in the name of making tarpaulins) and fitting DCC sound to a reviewed Bachmann Baldwin.

Vehicles and Boats. A diverse group of articles covering a Clyde Puffer, a classic Citroen Traction Avant, a coal lorry and a guide on how to paint realistic vehicle wheels.

If you have any questions about the information at Virtual Railex 2021 or about our club, please email ask.rdmrc@gmail.com which will be manned all day. Someone will help with your enquiry.

Our thanks to the following club members who have contributed to these demos and articles: James Aitken, Graham Bucknell, Gary Day, Ray Gomm, Adrian Harford, Mick Moignard, Roger Noble, Roy Norton, Tim Peacock, Mark Riddoch, Paul Wright,


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