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Wheeltapper Competition Winners

This section presents the various winners of the relevant categories only. Pictures of all entries to the 2021 club competition can be found in the section “Wheeltapper - club competition

The Wheeltapper Trophy

The Wheeltapper Trophy is presented for the best model of a loco or piece of rolling stock in Categories 1 - 4, 8 and 9.

Model Name:
(HOn3) Durango & Rio Grande Western No. 271 (Mick Moignard)

271 was one of the last survivors of the C16 class. It’s modelled as the Durango Switcher in 1941. It’s in HO scale, 3 foot gauge so runs on accurate 10.5mm track, HOn3. It is made from a Precision Scale kit. These kits contained the same raw brass castings and etchings that would have been shipped to Korean manufacturers to be used to assemble brass models. Making the kit myself made sure I was able to modify it to accurately represent 271 in 1941. It’s all soldered, then airbrushed, decaled and weathered. It is fitted with DCC sound including a smokebox mounted speaker and LED head and backup lights.

The Robbie Robinson Trophy

The Robbie Robinson Trophy is presented for non-railway transport models, people, animals etc.

(7mm) Coal Cart Paul Wright

O Gauge, 1:43. Made from a white metal kit by S&D Models. Painted in acrylics with home-made decals. I had to laser cut a couple of missing parts and resin cast a missing spring. This will sit at the back of Gunn’s Yard on Okehampton as it has been replaced by the lorry I previously built.

The Jack Kine Trophy

This trophy is awarded for the best scenic model which includes buildings, trees, signals etc.

(4mm) Banner Repeater Signals (Tim Peacock)

These are largely scratch built other than the case front and signal arms which are etched products from MSE. They are worked by HobbyKing servos and have working LED lamps inside the Modelu lamp housings. Ladders are Masokits etchings.

In situ on Tim's High Wycombe layout which can be viewed in the Layout section of the show.

The Derek Turner Trophy

This award is specifically for a wagon to be used on the club's 7mm Okehampton layout. It was derived to encourage club members to build a 7mm model even if they were not 7mm modellers in general. The club provided the kit to be built.

(7mm) BR 16t Mineral Wagon (Gary Day)

‘O’ gauge Parkside Dundas kit, painted and weathered. It is intended for the club’s 7mm Okehampton layout.

The Robin Lane Trophy

This award was created in memory of Robin Lane who was a long standing club member and railwayman who, before retirement, was based at Aylesbury. As the club are building a P4 model of Aylesbury Town it was felt this would be an apt award for any model being contributed to this layout.

(4mm) Bracket Signal (Roy Norton)

A two doll semaphore bracket signal with an elevated shunt signal and represents a BR signal as seen at Aylesbury in the 1950s and 60s. The model is scratchbuilt in 4mm scale and is mainly soldered construction using etches, 3D prints, brass tube, wire etc. It will be operated by under board servos. It is destined for the club’s 4mm P4 model of Aylesbury.

The original signal at North end of Aylesbury Town station.

The Chairman's Cup

The Chairman's Cup is awarded to the best model from any category but taking into account the skill and experience of the modeller. It considers the amount of work that has gone into the model and any new skills learnt by the modeller.

The winner of the Chairman's cup for 2021 is Roy Norton for his Bracket Signal for the Aylesbury layout.

This model and description of it can be seen immediately above this section under the Robin Lane Trophy.


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