Virtual Model Railway Exhibition, 29th May

This is a list of layouts which will appear in out virtual show. Please click the links to see more pictures of them.

7mm Scale

  • Grindley Brook, O Gauge, Exhibited by Hillingdon Model Railway Club, Our O gauge Finescale layout is based on a fictional station set on the now closed ex-LNWR line between Whitchurch and Chester in Shropshire in the period 1954 - 1964.
  • Kensington Addison Road, O Gauge, Exhibited by Twickenham & District Model Railway Club, Addison Road is nowadays known as Kensington Olympia, on the busy West London route between Willesden and Clapham Junction. Because this was a joint line, formerly involving the L&NWR,GWR, LB&SCR and L&SWR. The layout shows the station as it was around 1925, enabling us to run trains in both pre- and post grouping liveries.
  • Love Lane, S7 Gauge, Exhibited by East Anglian S7 Group, This is a large oval layout with a station section intended to portray a suburban station on the former Great Eastern network in north east London in the late 1950s.
  • Padfracombe, O Gauge, A club member's layout, Loosely based on Ilfracombe, but at sea level with a dock like Padstow, the O gauge layout lives in a large shed from which it runs round the garden.

    4mm Scale

  • Aylesbury LNWR, OO Gauge, Exhibited by RDMRC, This layout, originally built by Geoff Williams, was rescued and converted to DCC by the Risborough club. It features the original Aylesbury station in the early 1900s
  • Bournemouth West, OO Gauge, Exhibited by Roger Sunderland, Our model is an accurate portrayal of Bournemouth West in the period 1959- 1962.
  • Brighton East, EM Gauge, Exhibited by Dave Smith, Brighton East is 4mm/ft using EM gauge track and depicts a Southern Region Rail terminus in the period loosely around 1998 to 2003 where 3rd Rail EMU’s prevail on passenger services.
  • Eccleston, P4 Gauge, Exhibited by Martin Neild, Eccleston is a village in West Lancashire which never had a railway. It did, however, have two cotton mills and was surrounded by rich arable land, so there would have been sufficient traffic to justify one.
  • High Wycombe, EM Gauge, Exhibited by Tim Peacock, Modelled on High Wycombe station in the 50s, this large oval layout has been the subject of many articles in Model Railway Journal
  • Old Parrock, OO Gauge, Exhibited by Paul Rhodes, Old Parrock is a small halt and coal yard on a fictitious line at the northern edge of Ashdown Forest in East Sussex.

    3.5mm Scale

  • Beijiao, HO Gauge, Exhibited by Paul Stapleton, Let us take you back just a few years to a time when you could still see large steam engines in everyday use - come back with us to China in 2004! At that time Western railfans, like me and my friends, flocked to China to photograph the very last of world steam; and this layout recreates our experiences.
  • Pottendorf, HO Gauge, Exhibited by Clevedon & Portishead Armchair Modellers, Pottendorf is a small branch terminus station in Oberfranken at the end of a long hot summer in the 1950s. Old operating practices remain in place, with passenger services either in the hands of a railbus or larger loco hauled trains that feed direct from the branch to either Nuremberg or Wützburg.
  • Rio Grande, HO Gauge, A club member's layout, A detailed and expansive layout, showing excellent weathering of both stock and scene

    2mm Scale

  • Freshwater, 9.42mm Gauge, Exhibited by Ian Morgan, Freshwater was the western terminus of the 12 mile long Freshwater, Yarmouth and Newport Railway on the Isle of Wight. Opened in 1888, the Southern Railway lengthened the platform, removed the loco shed and carriage shed, and modified the track layout slightly in 1927, but the line was never very successful, and closed as early as 1953.
  • Kyle of Lochalsh, 9.42mm Gauge, Exhibited by Pete Matcham, The layout era begins late 70s to capture the overlap between class 24s and class 26s with the gradual replacement by class 37/4s. The rolling stock modelled, all being visitors to Kyle.
  • Lighterman's Yard, 2mm Scale, Exhibited by Kent & Essex Area Group, The layout represents a small fictitious goods yard, somewhere in South East London. Timescale is the late 1950's early 1960s, near the end of steam, with an occasional diesel to be seen.
  • Modbury, 2mm Scale, Exhibited by Ian Smith, Modbury is a 2mm Finescale layout representing a Great Western "might have been" through station as it might have appeared c.1906. The layout has a small traintable type fiddle yard at each end of a scenic section.
  • Sovereign Colliery Junction, 2mm Scale, Exhibited by Alan Whitehouse, This is a new layout in 2mm Finescale set in BR days in the 1970's. It is based on the Woodhead (Manchester, Sheffield & Wath) route