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Missenden Railway Modellers

Missenden Abbey Modellers

For more than 30 years, people have been polishing their skills at Missenden Abbey’s unique Railway Modellers’ Weekends.

Hands-on, practical courses covering the key aspects of railway modelling. Working with some of the best-known tutors in the hobby, you have multiple course options – from chassis construction to electronics, scenics to kit-building, from soldering and tracklaying to airbrush painting and weathering.

As well as the traditional skills and techniques we also cater for the latest developments in technology. The formula is simple – you provide the tools and materials, we provide the expertise. Courses are residential but if you live locally, you can come in daily at a reduced fee.

We aim to help you build a working model or develop a project that’s well on its way to completion by the time you go home – and, above all, to enjoy yourself. Though not generally suitable for new modellers, the courses are ideal for the modeller with basic skills or knowledge wanting to make further progress or feeling their working methods need refreshment. This is an ideal opportunity for existing modellers to enhance their skills etc. If you want to ask about the suitability of any course please do use the contact page.

We particularly welcome modellers returning to the hobby, keen to make up lost ground after years devoted to family and career.

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