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The Scalefour Society

scalefour_logo.jpg The Scalefour Society

The Scalefour Society promotes the concept of railway modelling to the most accurate standards, using a scale of 4 mm to 1 foot (1:76.2). Standard track gauge is therefore 18.83 mm, as compared to the 16.5 mm of 00 or the 18.2 mm of EM, although the concept applies equally to narrower and broader gauge prototypes.

The interests of Scalefour Society members cover every facet of railway modelling, and the Society actively promotes excellence and consistency in all of them - from locomotives and rolling stock to buildings and scenery, track and signals, and layout construction and operation. Most of these are not gauge specific, but where Scalefour differs from other 4 mm modelling is in the use of track and wheel parameters as close to the prototype as practicable.

No special skills are needed to work to P4 standards. Suspension units, jigs and gauges do all the hard work for you, and there is a wide range of components available to provide whatever level of detail you choose. Many recent kits, thanks to the Society's efforts, are now designed to be constructed in P4 without modification. However, the finer tolerances of P4 often require more care, which can in turn take more time, at least at first.

We believe the results are well worth it.

The Society offers a stores service and issues a high quality newsletter 5 times a year. The website also has many other resources available to members.

The Society can be found at www.scalefour.org

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